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A few years ago, in my constant quest for the perfect ice cream and all tastes Asian, I tried making Green Tea Ice Cream. It was an instant hit and I went on to Thai Tea Ice Cream. Over the years, I have experimented with many flavors. I love using maple syrup instead of sugar in all of my recipes. The ice cream is tastier without the heavy sweetness of sugar.

ice cream mix
Green Tea Ice Cream

Getting the right creaminess has been a challenge. To make an ice cream that freezes well, but isn’t too hard to scoop is a real trick.  I’ve used rice milk, almond milk, goat milk and cow milk to get different consistencies and textures.

Currently my favorite non-dairy milk is almond. I’ve recently created a Carob Mint ice cream using almond milk and no dairy. Sweetened as usual with maple syrup, it is a lovely change of flavor. Many people want to use carob to replace chocolate. I find that is a big mistake! If you’re wanting chocolate, have chocolate. Carob is a rich, lovely flavor in its own right and is wonderful in ice cream, candy bars, in cookies or as a hot drink. Enjoy carob for itself.

Cinnamon Vanilla and Carob Mint

For dairy ice creams, I like a combination of heavy whipping cream and goat’s milk. I’m finding that the number of eggs I use has a strong influence on the consistency too. I have a great recipe right now that seems to work well with a large variety of flavors.

steaming mochi
Rolling green tea mochi
Green Tea Mochi


    On Saturday, March 3 from 2 – 3pm I’ll be

offering a free tasting at my Pleasant Hill

               location. Hope you can join me!

        Please RSVP ahead if you plan on coming

so I have enough for everyone.


I’ll be featuring the following flavors:

Ginger-Lemon ice cream

Peppermint Fudge  Chunk (this has Ofer’s homemade fudge in it)

Green Tea

Thai Tea (hoping to have some wrapped in mochi just for fun!)


Cinnamon Vanilla

Kahlua Chocolate Mint (using my homemade kahlua)

Dairy-free Carob Mint


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