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Products are seasonal and may not always be available.

Dark Chocolate Fudge – $14 lb.

Sugi Garden Kitchen Dark Chocolate Fudge is one of our most popular items! It’s not too dark, only 60% – even people who say they don’t like chocolate love our fudge. Ofer started making this delectable treat many years ago to quench his thirst for yummy chocolate. Regular fudges are often grainy and don’t melt very nicely on the tongue. He set out to create a fudge that was filled with dark chocolate flavor without the grainy texture of a traditional fudge. And, boy, did he succeed!

“I went over recently to pick up my order and Ofer had just made some Dairy-free Dark Chocolate Fudge. It was amazing! I can’t wait to try many of the other things they offer.”

Dennis Brody

No more compromising on flavor to avoid dairy. The Dairy-free Dark Chocolate Fudge version is even creamier than the Original (which is often named the best fudge ever!). Though it is made with coconut cream, the dark chocolate flavor is prominent. No coconut aftertaste, just pure, rich chocolate flavor!

Our fudge comes in multiple flavors: Dark Chocolate Original, Dark Chocolate Orange, Dark Chocolate Peppermint, Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter, and Dairy free Dark Chocolate.

Our newest flavor in December 2022 was Dark Chocolate Cherry! This perfect blend between the rich flavor of chocolate and chewy dried cherry pieces is a quintessential flavor combo.

Dark Chocolate Cherry Fudge

Try them all for a truly special party or gift item! Or maybe just buy a pound for yourself to indulge in on occasion.

“I’ve been really enjoying the fudge. These little squares of surprisingly light and creamy dark chocolate, blended with the subtlest taste of orange, are heavenly pillows of sheer indulgence. I can’t bring myself to share this fudge with anyone…just savoring one piece a day.”

Angela LaPorta

Learn more about how our products are made in the Journey of Creation page – Fudge, Ice Cream and Sippers.

Coconut Fudge Drops – $14 baker’s dozen

Available in Plain or Peppermint

These yummy fudge drops combine the tantalizing texture of grated coconut wrapped in dark chocolate fudge in a cookie shape. Try the fresh, crisp flavor of peppermint as a delightful option.

Ice Cream – $12 pint

Amy’s love of ice cream and her commitment to enjoying the tastes of life while keeping to a healthy diet has inspired this line of completely unique ice creams. For years, we had chickens in the garden (due to Yo’el and Amy teaming up to have more animals around!). As the flock grew, there were too many eggs. What do we do with this many eggs? That question got the creativity flowing!

“I highly recommend Amy’s ice creams. The flavors I have tried are sooo delicious. Did I say that I don’t really like ice cream?

There are exceptions and this is one of them the Kahlua Mocha Chip is my fave!”

Terry Moore

Throughout the warmer months (usually April – October), Amy makes a wide variety of ice creams to tickle your taste buds. Because we have a small kitchen and each batch requires time to make, only small batches are available for purchase. Ice cream is made to order.

See the list below for a sampling of the flavors Amy has made in the past.


Made with organic whipping cream, goat milk, organic maple syrup, SGK vanilla and organic eggs. Most of the ice cream flavors include our homemade liqueurs (sold separately as SGK Sippers).

• Kahlua Chocolate Mint

• Perfect Chocolate

• Perfect Chocolate Orange

• Kahlua Mocha Chip

• Roasted Barley

• Thai Tea

• Matcha (Green Tea)

• Pure Vanilla

• Mulberry or Mulberry Chip

• Cherry Chocolate Chip

• Mint Chip

“Attention local ice cream lovers! I’ve been meaning to inform you about this local treasure, our neighbor. Vanda and I no longer go to ice cream shops because Amy’s ice cream is legit! You will not be disappointed.”

Chef Kellie Joe

Sippers – $12 4 oz.

Sippers are delicious little gems that started out as a way to use up extra produce from the Sugi Garden. Originally, we enjoyed them ourselves and then started to bottle them up to give as gifts.

Eventually, we realized that there were more ways these lovely flavors could be enjoyed. Now, we offer them seasonally with a nice variety of flavors. Currently, we have Mulberry or Fennel (a wonderful digestif). Sometimes, we have Lemon, Ginger, Sabras (Prickly Pear), or Orange.

Enjoy your Sippers by pouring 1 oz. of your favorite Sipper over ice. Add 3 oz. sparkling water or champagne. Or sip it neat!

“I am loving the Fennel Sipper. I use it after dinner to smooth out my digestion.”

Linda Almond Nichols

Pure Vanillas – currently not available.

We are constantly on the lookout for pure products to add to our recipes. They can be hard to find, so we end up making our own. That’s how we started making our delicious vanillas.

We make our Sugi Garden Kitchen Vanillas from rum and vanilla beans. That’s all! Each type of vanilla has a different flavor profile depending on what part of the world the beans are grown in.

Tahitian is light and fruity.

Madagascar is rich and full bodied.

Here are few ideas on how to use our tasty, pure vanillas! We put them in our ice creams, too!

Sometimes, we can’t get a certain type of bean, so get your favorite while it’s available. We use organic beans as much as possible for the different varieties.