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Calendula & Sage Oil – $12 (1oz. bottle)

This truly amazing body care oil was born out of Amy’s need for a soothing topical product for the delicate skin around her eyes.

Looking out into the garden and seeing the abundance of Calendula (one of the most healing plants available and frequently found in high quality skin care products), Amy decided to make some for her own use.

The addition of Black Sage came with Amy’s love of the enticing scent of these gorgeous sage plants.

The oil was incredibly soothing and provided assistance in relieving the intensity of her symptoms. She continues to use it daily as her primary facial product.

“My husband’s face gets flaky skin and redness around his forehead and nose. The Sugi Garden Kitchen Calendula & Sage Oil helps keep the flaking under control and eliminates the redness. It works better than any other product he’s tried!”

Nancy Guzzaldo

Made with Organic Calendula flowers, organic Pitcher Sage leaves, organic Black Sage leaves and organic Olive Oil. Calendula and Sage are full of beneficial oils that are anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antibacterial, and anti-fungal. The Black Sage is known as a topical disinfectant for minor skin irritations and for pain relief.

“My skin loves the yummy nourishment of the Calendula & Sage Oil which leaves it soft and glowing.”

Angela LaPorta, aesthetician

Amy also loves to mix the Calendula & Sage Oil into a thick body creme to create a luxurious lotion for the entire body!

“Amy’s Calendula & Sage Oil for my face is becoming my new favorite!”

Lisa Craven

“I love the Calendula & Sage Oil for my skin!”

Dorrie Langley