Pestos and Miso

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Products are seasonal and may not always be in stock.

Pesto – $14

Our delightful Pesto ingredients are partially sourced from the Sugi Garden and partially from reliable vendors. We grow as many of the ingredients as we can knowing the limitations of our property and time.

In spring, the Spearmint and Apple Mint begin to appear in the garden. Our favorite source of the spearmint is the voluntary plants that grows on the island in the middle of our koi pond in the sideyard.

The Apple mint we have been growing in the back garden for years. With the recent development of this new product, we propagated more plants to have an abundant source for future batches each year.

The Basil we use in the Sun-dried Tomato Basil Pesto takes months of love and attention each year as it grows from seedling to harvest. After lovingly tending the plants for a few months, we are able to hand harvest some leaves and prepare the pestos. We add quality ingredients to make small batches of each pesto while everything is still fresh!

Then, we bottle it up and offer it to you to use in your kitchen! Have fun, play, try new combinations as these products are quite flexible to enhance many meals!

Miso – $14

This unique product is fantastic in recipes that feature its nurturing flavors. Many people are familiar with miso as an ingredient in Japanese cooking.

The most unique ingredient in the Sun-dried Tomato Basil Pesto is our hand-crafted Miso. This Miso takes years to ferment until it is ready for use. The depth of umami that our Sugi Garden Kitchen Miso adds to this pesto makes for a truly unique flavor!

In the winter each year, the journey of Miso begins. First we prepare multiple pounds of soybeans. We sort through them by hand, cook until tender, and drain. Now, the beans are ready to be mixed with the koji and seasalt!

After mixing everything by hand, not a task for the weak, we pour the mix into a large crock, cover and set aside. Periodically, the miso is peered at, tasted and observed to see how well it is developing. After patiently waiting for the necessary time, we scoop it out of the crock and into jars for you. The miso we make the most often is a Red Miso that requires 2 – 3 years of fermentation to develop the rich flavors you’ve grown to love!