Fudge, Ice Cream and Sippers


The steps to creating a fantastic fudge require patience and exacting measurements. Suddenly inspiration strikes for a new flavor – sometimes a suggestion by a friend or family member. Ofer makes the fudge in batches of 2 or 6 pounds. Each batch has numerous steps, depending on the flavor.

First the chocolate is weighed and melted. Flavor is added for orange, peppermint or peanut. With the dairy free version, the base needs to be prepared from coconut cream first.

With Orange Fudge the preparations begin with the harvesting of oranges and the hand zesting of the orange skin. We have pounds and pounds of zested oranges at the end of this process which we donate to friends and neighbors.

Once the flavor is added to the fudge base, Ofer pours the chocolate into a pan to set. This can take up to 24 hours depending on the weather. Then, he removes the fudge from the pan and sets it out to dry further.

A few hours later, he makes the first cut. Then, when the timing is right another set of cuts making the fudge long strips. The final cutting is into pieces for packing. Each pound is weighed as it is packed by hand. Once it’s labeled, the fudge is ready to go!

Ice Cream

Our ice cream takes a long journey into many flavors that are available in the food world! The variations are endless…so our challenge is to create flavors that everyone will enjoy. Click here for a list of flavors and ice cream club info.

It begins with a delicious base of whipping cream, goat milk, eggs, Sugi Garden Kitchen vanilla, and maple syrup. Then, inspiration appears from ingredients growing in the garden, like fresh mulberries, lemon, orange, and mint.

New flavors come from the passion of trying something new in the kitchen, like the homemade kahlua that wasn’t quite good enough to drink, and is readily turned into an incredibly delicious ice cream! Projects that were fun to make (like our Sippers, below), but were too much for us to consume, often result in new flavors of ice cream.

To get an especially creamy ice cream texture and richness in flavor we add Sippers to most batches of ice cream. Once the mix is made, we freeze it in our special gelato machine and pack it up in pints.


Sippers are cordials, many of which are made from the wide variety of fruits and herbs we have in the Sugi garden. They begin with the growth of the lovely edibles each year that spring into bloom to feed us in the summer and fall.

We’ve found over the years that these tasty Sippers are fantastic as flavors to enhance our ice creams. The cherries we use for making sippers end up being used in the ice cream as lovely little pieces of goodness.

Harvesting these ingredients gives us great exercise and the enjoyment of the outdoors. The scent of fresh ripe fruit or fennel seeds can deepen the breath and bring joy into the heart.

Once we have harvested the ingredients, they need to be washed and prepared. Some require slicing, like oranges and lemons, fennel seeds need to be dried, ginger grated.

Sugar and water are warmed to make a simple syrup, then cooled and added to vodka and the ingredient that provides its essence to the mix. Each flavor requires months of infusing before being strained and bottled.

Then, they are ready to be enjoyed as a celebratory beverage with sparkling water or wine; perhaps sip fennel or garden mint straight up as a digestif for a crummy tummy. Flavors can be mixed for unique tastes – ginger and fennel, orange and ginger, lemon and orange, garden mint and fennel. Find your favorite combination and have fun!