Look for the Unexpected

As spring unfolds, we take great joy in wandering around the garden and discovering the unexpected. Sometimes, it’s in the form of a native plant volunteer that is flowering in an unexpected location. Or a mushroom in a potted plant. Perhaps a plant we’ve sown in the past has migrated to a new location.

Some of these surprises aren’t placed where we want them to stay. So, we admire their beauty and then remove them for the year. All the while wondering what new friends will appear next spring!

Life can be like this, too. If you keep your eyes open and see the unexpected, then a conscious choice can be made how to integrate the new situation; or, perhaps, choose to turn in a new direction away from the surprise. Life is filled with choices. It’s seeing them that is hardest. We are trained to only look in the direction others show us. The repetitive redirection from parents, teachers, media and government all add up to a feeling that there isn’t a choice.

Let’s consider how a plant chooses where to go. As plants follow the natural rhythm of life they literally “go along for the ride”. Perhaps a seed gets blown on the wind, picked up by the fur of a passing animal, gets transferred to the compost pile and ends up in a pot when a different plant is potted. The saying “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”, when applied to humans, is only accurate in some situations. Actually, that only rings true because people often live in cultures that are limiting. The internalized message from childhood is to “follow traditions, be responsible, don’t take risks!” Children are rarely encouraged to follow their natural rhythms.

Internal flexibility is key to being able to see the unexpected and respond gracefully. There are many ways to become more adept at this ability. Fluidity in physical movement, mental acuity, and emotional resilience are inherently connected. When one is improved, the others will follow.
With strong internal flexibility, it’s more comfortable to look for the unexpected instead of avoiding it. Then, life is enriched and full of joyful anticipation.

Would you like to improve your internal flexibility so you can adjust more easily to the unexpected? Learning to live in sync with the seasons and the natural rhythms of nature will allow you to move through life more easily, feeling clear and grounded even when the unexpected arises.

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