What Is Fudge Season?

The fluid movement of life through the seasons is less apparent in our modern world. Many of the ingredients we use in cooking are available year round. Our awareness of the seasons is lost in terms of food production when we live in the city away from the land that produces our food.

In recent years, this has become apparent even in the farmer’s markets as the demand for out of season foods has motivated the farmers to find a way to provide strawberries in winter, and summer vegetables late into the fall. When our minds turn away from the sunny days of summer and relax into the slower pace of winter, we begin to embrace the flavors that fall provides – root vegetables, winter squashes, apples and pomegranates are just a few.

The cooler weather makes us think of soups, stews and roasts as we prepare for the feasts of the holidays. As the weather turns, the cool breeze of the late fall rains turns our attention to making fudge in the Sugi Garden Kitchen. In the warmer weather, the fudge won’t set properly. Even if we used a refrigerator, it would be too cold to achieve the goal. So, we’re stuck between the heat and the cold. The dry and wet weather also contribute to fudge setting properly.

As a result, we are dependent on the right weather conditions to provide the smooth and delicious fudge from the Sugi Garden Kitchen. We’re making plans for Fudge season. Would you like to order some for your holiday gifts and/or gatherings? They are wonderful fresh and also easy to freeze for extended enjoyment.

See below for varieties and prices. Order now at orders@SugiGarden.Kitchen or call 925.934.3120.

$12 for #1 of Fudge or a baker’s dozen of Coconut Fudge Drops

Ask us about Dairy-free versions.

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