Fall – Crisp and Brittle

Have you been feeling worn out this fall? This season which usually is celebrated for clean, crisp air and cool evenings has so far been a tumultuous combination of hope, relief and anxiety.

Relief that the air is beginning to clear of smoke from intense wildfires, hope that the rains will come soon…And yet, there is a lingering anxiety as we move towards winter, holidays, and the anticipation of more illness being spread in human society.

The biggest issue that is surfacing in this season is the awareness that we are unable to celebrate normally. What is usually a season of over socializing will be very different this year. An underlying fear is surfacing – if we get too close, will our very presence, harm another person or will we be harmed by them?

This feeling of brittleness is becoming more apparent. What does it mean to be brittle? The dictionary tells us that brittle is “Hard, but liable to break or shatter easily; easily damaged or destroyed; fragile.”

The usual description of “fall is in the air” refers to the crisp, clean, cool quality when temperatures cool down after the heat that lingers in summer. The dictionary defines crisp as “A crisp sound or image is very clear; or behavior is quick, confident, and effective.”

This year fall may be feeling more brittle than crisp. The plants that are most happy in the fall offer us a soothing essence to help move from feeling brittle and vulnerable to the crispness of clarity and confidence in ourselves.

Sage is a plant that proudly reveals its beautiful blossoms in the fall. The long limbs with multiple flower heads attract hummingbirds and bees. Their visual beauty is stunning, while the aromas that waft from their leaves is grounding. all in all, the Sage plant is uplifting.

As a flower essence, Sage helps us to “access the wisdom that is living deep within the “body” of our life experience. The flower essence of Sage bestows the remarkable ability to detach sufficiently enough from the flow of life, that we might be able to say, ‘Ah – ah! Now I know more fully. From my newly enlightened perspective I glean the pattern, the real life lesson I was meant to encounter.’ ” Patricia Kaminski, http://www.fesflowers.com/becoming-sage/

Using the essence of Sage to assist us this fall is a sensible thing to do. Spend time with the blooming plant, bring cuttings into the home, and use its essence as an air freshener and an oral remedy. The presence of Sage will help move you from brittleness back to crisp, clear groundedness.

If you’d like a personalized Flower Essence Consult, get in touch now and start to transform the brittleness into crispness and clarity!

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