What Do You Value?

The year 2020 has turned into a wide variety of tumultuous experiences from the corona virus to loss of income to Black Lives Matter riots and protests to smoke-filled skies. People all around the world are grappling with the changes brought on by all of these events.

Conflicting information continues to create fear and frustration. Families and neighborhoods are at odds with each other. Some are reaching out a helping hand, while others are hiding in fear or blatantly ignoring rules for safety.

Then, in the midst of all of this, tornados started hitting the Midwest. Fires consumed large portions of California. Now, hurricanes are threatening the southern states. With all of these natural disasters happening, its even easier to feel unsettled and afraid.

What do you value in these challenging times? Safety and security are threatened by the energy swirling all around. It’s all too easy to fall into fear and not realize that it’s happening.

Ultimately, each of us has to decide how we feel about each topic. Making a personal decision means having an ability to find the space inside that is clear or at least feels right in the moment. Then, we can slowly take action based on the place of stillness inside.

The natural world holds a comfort and beauty that allows us to access a different aspect of ourselves. Even photographs of nature, or imagining a peaceful place can have a profound effect on inner well being.

It’s worthwhile to take time each day to be with nature in some fashion. Even if all you do is wander through this website and absorb the photos from the garden, you will find that your breathing will be easier and the mind will calm. You will feel better and everyone will benefit!

Should you need more personal assistance, connect with us through the SugiHealth.com services. Stay well!

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