Clearing Out the Old

Last month, I wrote about the fall harvest and the wonderful abundance (and sometimes overwhelm) of the season. Now, we’ve moved into the changing weather of fall, away from the Indian Summer quality of summery days and fall-ish nights.

Moving toward the darker time when the days are shorter and the nights are longer means it’s time to prepare for winter. In the garden, this means clearing out the old. Clearing out the old for us this year meant taking out a number of unhealthy trees. The amount of work required to achieve this task was phenomenal. Pruning back the last of the summer growth in the perennials is another piece of preparations for winter.

The value of clearing out the old deadwood from the garden will be manifest in spring when we see the new growth. For now, though, it is about letting go and allowing the past to be released. In the garden that means seeing the environment differently – what was filled with the shade and beauty of the trees (hummingbird nests and perches for the blue herons) is now empty.

Internally, this process provides an opportunity to look into what old patterns are being held onto. What habits are no longer needed? Can these patterns be brought into consciousness and released to make space for something new? Have helpful patterns from the past been set aside that may be valuable to reclaim?

The empty spaces (internally and externally) open up a feeling of hopefulness and possibility! The plan right now is to plant our lemon and kaffir lime trees in the space that is being emptied. Once the debris is completely cleared and the rains have come, a different idea may assert itself. We’ll have to wait and see.

Fall blooming flowers give encouragement and hope for the coming season of darkness. Flower essences carry this quality for us to access every day. So, if you are feeling hopeless and down as the darkness approaches, come and get your own personal blend of flower essences to assist you.

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