Aah, Glorious Spring!

Aah, glorious spring! The weeds are growing high this year due to the lovely late rains. The flowers and veggies are, too! It all balances out in the end. The days are longer and the light is perfect. The garden coaxes me out of the house and away from other activities.

In fact, just this morning, already dressed and ready for yoga class, I found myself out in the garden weeding instead. It is a deeply meditative and healing experience at this time of year

The soil is still moist and the weeds come right out by the root. So satisfying!  While taking a break on the patio near the Juniper tree, I had the privilege of seeing the hummingbird feeding its young in the nest on the branch above me! I didn’t have my camera, so you don’t get to see it, too. It was a private show for me.

The adult hummer came and landed on the branch three or four feet away from its nest. I noticed it was sitting for an unusually long time for a hummingbird. Then, it flew over to the nest and I could see the little heads reaching up as the adult’s head bobbed up and down in the regurgitation that birds do when feeding their young. The show was completed by the cheerful bird songs that were around me in other areas of the garden. Wow!

As we weed the pile becomes huge and somewhat cumbersome. The results a year or two later, though, are a rich soil that we can harvest for use in the garden. We never buy soil for planting. We just wait for the garden to produce it for us!

Happy spring gardening!

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