Weeding for Purpose and Clarity

Love in a Mist, Poppies

When weeding in the garden, it is important to be clear about what I want to keep and what I want to get rid of. Some of the undesirable plants are readily recognizable, some are lower and hidden underneath, and yet others are beneficial for a period of time and then I want them out of the garden.

While bending close over a garden bed, I only have a limited view of the plants I am weeding between. Every few minutes it is important for me to step back, stand upright and take a larger view of the area – scanning to find the plants that I want to pull next.

Sometimes, I need to be close to see the plants as they are hidden underneath others. Then, when I identify the right plant, I often have to reach underneath the plant I am keeping to sweep away and unroot the ones that have entwined themselves into the beneficial plants.

Spring Angel

This reaching underneath to what is hidden is a beautiful metaphor for our personal processes for human growth in the quest to realize our hidden potential. Sometimes we don’t know why we are pulling out a particular plant, it is just a feeling that the plant doesn’t belong there. Or perhaps, we are unsure as to why we are pulling weeds on a particular day instead of planting something new. Follow the urge to weed and clarity will reveal itself during the process, or a short time later. My personal process is often that I need to clear out the old plants before I can see clearly what I want in that area of the yard. So, I look, listen and feel what is calling to be placed to bring more life into the garden.


Calendula field
Mustard and Calendula
Native sweet peas, calendula, chard, borage

There are some sections that no matter what I plant, I am unable to get them to grow effectively. So, I let it go and lo and behold! something volunteers there and is vibrantly happy, looks beautiful and is easy to care for. These three photos to the left show the incredible beauty of plants that have volunteered and create an amazing showcase for us each spring! Their locations vary as they jump from spot to spot to find their happy place each year.


Our internal lives reflect this dance with nature so beautifully. For a period of time, a particular belief system will serve me, perhaps to help me through a difficult time or it fits the development of my personality at a certain age. Eventually, though, that same mindset will hold me back, keep me from growing to my full potential.

Springtime work

As I weed out the parts of myself that no longer fit my current circumstances, I find that I have a new place in the world. I am able to embrace more parts of myself, I grow, change, mature. Just as the protective covering of the budding flower will drop away as the fruit begins to grow, parts of me that served as a protective covering will peel away when I feel safe and solid inside myself.

So, as you move through life, it is valuable to take a close look and then, step back and look at yourself from a distance. Life unfolds in chapters. Sections that don’t feel related, are. The earlier chapters set the scene for later in life. When living consciously, I can nurture my own growth like I nurture the life of a plant in my garden. Remember, weeds are often beneficial plants that have a purpose for a period of time. When their purpose is done, pull them out carefully, leaving the surrounding plants to gain the full nourishment of the soil.

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