What’s Flowering Now?

This year the garden has been in full bloom from the earliest part of spring. I love how it continues to give me beautiful blossoms throughout the year. Even in the winter in sunny California! I’ve been collecting photos for a while, I hope I can show them to you in the right sequence. There are too many to show you all of them, so I’ve chosen some favorites. For your enjoyment I am including descriptions for those flowers that have known benefits as flower essences.

One of my favorites is the Sweet Pea. I enjoy it’s lovely scent following me around the garden for a month or so. For many years we have been planting the sweet pea around the garden. Finally, this year it has started to spread on its own and has popped up all over the place. I love to wander through the garden and see the many-colored Sweet Pea as it unexpectedly climbs up a fence, or weaves its way into another patch of flowers to create a gorgeous contrast of colors! In the view of flower essence therapy, Sweet Pea is for finding your place in the world, forming right relationship to community.

Sweet Peas with Marigold
Purple Sweet Peas
Delightful sweet peas


A longer lasting flower that is still blooming in this hot weather is the Penstemon. It also comes in a variety of colors and brings joy to the eyes!

Purple Pink Penstemon
Purple Pentsemon
Pink Penstemon








Penstemon assists us in gaining physical strength through the development of spiritual depth and stamina.

Bright Pink Penstemon


One of Ofer’s favorites is Nasturtium. They have edible flowers, kind of with a spicy kick! It is a friendly feeling flower and is often recommended as a companion plant for vegetables, especially tomatoes. As a flower essence it revitalizes our thinking forces and connects those thoughts with the warmth of Nature.

Chocolate Nicotiana blooms


Nicotiana is a plant that I have used in flower essence therapy for years. I found it last year at Annie’s Annuals in Richmond. I didn’t realize what a gorgeous plant it is. It’s essence creates a connection between the human heart and the heart of the Earth which strengthens our ability to live in truth.

Valerian is the plant that Valium is derived from and has a strangely scented bloom. Years back, when I worked at a health food store, I always knew when the Valerian arrived from the strong smell emanating from the delivery box.


Valerian flowering
Garlic Chives blooming
Dusty Miller


Garlic Chives have a lovely lavendar blossom. This plant is a great edible with attractive flowers, but so far as I know doesn’t have a flower essence definition. A similarly attractive plant, is this version of the Dusty Miller that grows prolifically in the chicken yard without watering.

Aloe Vera is a popular succulent that is known for its gel soothing burns. This mother plant has a beautiful flowering stalk every year. It’s essence helps to overcome the feeling of being “burned out” and overcoming the intensity often found in “A” types who go, go ,go and don’t know when to stop.

Aloe Vera
Succulent flower


I can’t remember the name of this little beauty, but I love the blooms. All succulents are a wonderful addition to the blooming season. The Prickly Pear is another desert plant that thrives here. It has beautiful yellow blooms that turn into edible red fruits. Such fun! Another of Ofer’s favorites.

Prickly Pear blossoms
Prickly Pear in bloom
Rose Geranium
Hyssop and Feverfew








The Rose Geranium is one of my favorite plants to have for a lovely scented garden. It is also very tasty in the herbal sun teas I make every year. I am including Hyssop and Feverfew in those teas these days too. So easy to make. Just put your favorite herbs in a glass bottle (I like to use old apple juice bottles), fill with water and set in the sun for a few hours. Remove the leaves and presto! a delicious tea.

Summer blooms


Don’t forget the tantalizing rose! It’s beauty and fragrance add a lot to a garden. I find that they require more care than I like, so I’ve only kept a few. This red rose is looking quite happy even in the heat!

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