Making New Beds

Now that we have moved the chicken fence back it is time to build our beds. We are continuing the process by clearing away the debris and gradually adding the layers for our “insta-beds”. We experimented this summer  with the idea we could make new beds on top of the clay soil instead of the heavy work of  double digging. What you see here is the first two layers. One of wood chips (delivered free by your local tree company) and horse manure (also free to pick up in many locations locally). Ofer and Yo’el will continue to put down alternating layers until there is a nice high bed. Top it off with a layer of good soil. Insta-bed!

About 8 feet long and only about four feet wide for easy reaching.


napa cabbage seedlings

We like to use recycled materials as much as possible, so here you see the seedlings in their pots inside a container that we picked up at the recycling center. Free and easy!

A planting calendar comes in handy when you are planning a garden. What I’ve discovered is that there are numerous times during the year to plant. Some in spring, some in fall. So, now is a great time to also get some of your flowers planted. Bulbs for spring blooming, like narcissus, daffodils, freesias and tulips. I find the freesias have the most heavenly scent, especially the yellow ones. This is just a short list of all the wonderful bulbs that are available. Mix and match for a fun, colorful spring bloom!

pink tulips
white tulip
orange tulip
white freesias
colorful freesias
white daffodils
yellow daffodil

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