Sushi Rolls with Pickled Daikon

Handmade by Yo’el Erez

Rolls are made to-order for $12 each.

The minimum order is 4 rolls and comes with 4 oz. of homemade Pickled Daikon.

You can select what you like from the menu below.

Yo’el has been making sushi for over 20 years and he wants to feed you! Now, you can order for pick up in Pleasant Hill.

Yo’el needs at least two days’ notice to make the rolls. He’ll arrange a day and time for you to come pick them up from the Sugi Garden Kitchen in Pleasant Hill and you’ll pay when you arrive.

The rolls come uncut in order to preserve freshness. They’ll stay good in the refrigerator for up to two days.

If you intend to eat them right away, tell Yo’el and he will cut and dress them with curated seasonal toppings.


Ume Philly

Not your typical Philadelphia roll: this one has salmon, cream cheese, lemon mayo, and umeboshi — Japanese pickled plum!

Spicy Tuna

Classics never go out of fashion. Finely diced tuna made into a salad with mayo, sriracha, lemon juice, and masago,with cucumber added for that extra crunch.

Lemon Salmon

Luscious king salmon, cucumber, and a whole lot of tangy lemon mayo. Simple is best.

Tuna Caper

A Cedar Tree original; this roll is made with tuna, lemon mayo, capers, and shallots.

Punchy and one of Yo’el’s personal favorites.