Mint Pesto

The Mint Pesto was inspired by the huge patch of spearmint we have growing on the island in the pond. We added some of the apple mint that’s growing on the patio, fresh parsley, freshly grated parmesan cheese, a mix of cashews and pine nuts blended together with olive oil and, of course, garlic!

Delicious on pasta, flatbreads and pizzas, chicken or pork, lamb and beef burgers, leg of lamb, sandwiches. Add olive oil for dipping bread. Add SGK Basil or Fig Vinegar for a tasty salad dressing. This recipe was developed by soliciting everyone’s taste buds to make sure it is delicious!

The Mint Pesto is an exciting new product that we are looking forward to sharing with you! This pesto contains cheese and nuts to provide the creaminess and flavor of a traditional pesto. For dairy-free pesto, check out the Sun-dried Tomato Basil Pesto that we sell.

“Thank you for making our Thanksgiving dinner so yummy. Everyone loved the Sun-dried Tomato Basil Pesto which I used as a dipping sauce for French bread. And the Dark Chocolate Fudge has been declared the best fudge we have ever tasted!”

Terry Moore

Sun-dried Tomato Basil Pesto

The Sun-dried Tomato Basil Pesto was inspired by a delicious tomato pesto we had at a local Italian restaurant. With freshly grown basil from the garden, and a little bit of experimenting, Amy created a tasty pesto that has become one of our most popular items. We made ours dairy-free so everyone can enjoy it!

The Sugi Garden Kitchen Miso is the secret ingredient that gives our pesto a depth of flavor that is rich and unique.

Delicious on pasta, meatloaf, chicken, slow-roasted beef or pork, roasted vegetables, pizza and sandwiches. Add olive oil for dipping bread. Experiment with the pesto as it is quite versatile. Look at the Recipes page for ideas!

“My favorite is the Sun-dried Tomato Basil Pesto. It’s tangy, sweet taste is delicious. My veggies have never tasted so good!”

Cindy Curd

Flavored Vinegars

Vinegars are becoming more popular recently as their health benefits are more widely known. As reported in The Obesity Code by Jason Fung, M.D., vinegars help to lower the glycemic and insulin indexes of carbohydrates like rice and potatoes. The addition of vinegar to a “high-carbohydrate meal may lower blood sugar and insulin by as much as 34%.”

That means that when you sprinkle some vinegar on your rice (like the Japanese do), potatoes and other carbohydrates in your meal, the body will be happier when you’re eating them!

Sugi Garden Kitchen Flavored Vinegars come in a variety of flavors perfect for splashing into every type of dish you can think of!

Some are a little sweeter, others great for marinating meats, or adding to salads and veggies. Be creative! A little vinegar lightens up every meal so it sparkles.

Flavor options vary by season. We usually have: Garlic Balsamic (formerly Black Garlic), Basil, Fig, and Jalapeño Garlic Lime. See Recipes for ways to use all of the Sugi Garden Kitchen Vinegars.

The Fig Vinegar is our favorite to replace Red Wine Vinegar in any recipe. It is a good all-purpose vinegar.

The Basil or Basil-Lime Vinegar is a bit sweeter and is ideal in summer salads.

NEW! Thai Chili Vinegar is chock full of flavors – a little spicy and a little sweet! Fresh Thai chilis, garlic, lemongrass and kaffir lime leaves. This vinegar is a great addition to sauces for garnishing meats.

Jalapeño Garlic Lime Vinegar is one of our most popular products.This flavor was created to be a specialty item at the annual Northern California Herb Fair. The featured herb was hot peppers. So, with an abundance of jalapeños in the garden a new flavor was born.

“I use the garlic balsamic vinegar a lot, especially as a dipping sauce for pot stickers or anytime I want an Asian flavor in a stir fry.”

Sheryl Sankey

Garlic Balsamic Vinegar (formerly Black Garlic) is Ofer’s inspiration. It is aged for 2 – 3 years and as it ages the flavor becomes smoother and deeper like a good wine. This well-loved vinegar is fantastic in a wide variety of dishes. It is especially versatile in Asian cuisine. For the Italian in all of us, just pour a little in a bowl with your favorite olive oil, pull out some fresh sourdough bread and dip away!

All ingredients are sourced from our organic garden (except the garlic which is organic and purchased locally). The lime is from our Kaffir Lime tree (usually known as the lime leaves found in Thai cooking).

Balsamic Garlic

“I love to have the balsamic garlic on hand in my kitchen as one of my staples. If I am making a stir fry or a salad dressing and I need a mellow garlic flavor, I just grab a clove out of the bottle and chop it finely and add it to my dish.

It is also good in stews or soups that I make in my crock pot. Or, if you want to marinate meat or vegetables, you can chop up the garlic and drop it into a bag or dish with the meat or vegetable and let it stand covered in the refrigerator for an hour.”

Lynnette Garetz

This lovely marinated garlic is the result of two to three years of aging in organic balsamic vinegar to create the Garlic Balsamic Vinegar that is one of our most popular items.

We discovered when straining the Garlic Balsamic vinegar for bottling, that the leftover garlic was sweet, pungent and amazingly delicious! So, we started experimenting with ways to use it in our meals.

We started out by selling the Balsamic Garlic alongside the Garlic Balsamic Vinegar as a set. Over time, we found that the two could stand on their own as separate products. So, now, you can order as much as you like of each of them.

What do I do with it, you may wonder? Add this tasty little treat to enhance every meal – chop it and add to stews and chilis, scramble with eggs or add to fritattas, put whole cloves in roasted vegetables, stuff it in chicken with herbs for roasting, add it to stir frys, and more. Get the idea? Some people even enjoy snacking on it!

For recipes to experiment with, click here!


The Sugi Garden Kitchen Miso is a wonderful addition to every household. A fermented soy bean paste originally from the cuisine of Japan, our miso is crafted with organic soy beans.

Miso is a fantastic food to add to your diet! As a fermented product, miso provides friendly bacteria to the gut and is rich in essential minerals, Vitamin B, K and folic acid. Remember, these benefits are spoiled when miso is heated. So, add your miso at the end of cooking for the best result.

“Homemade miso…. It just feels good to use it, as a soup or in salad dressing or as an ingredient in a marinade.”

Sheryl Sankey

Ofer is our master miso-maker. He makes a One year White Miso that is mild and sweet. And, he makes a Three year Red Miso that attains a unique depth of flavor during the three years of fermentation.

If you don’t know what to do with miso, check out some of the Recipes we have to inspire you!