Our Story

In the pursuit of health and for the love of food.


Amy and Ofer Erez

As a family, we have been pursuing a healthy lifestyle for many years. We love to inspire others to adopt an enjoyable relationship with nature and the food it provides. For a complete picture of our health-related services see our website at SugiHealth.com.

We like to make as many foods as possible from scratch, while growing many ingredients in our garden. We are in a creative relationship with the earth, through the garden and into the kitchen. Small scale, sustainable food production from start to finish gives us many benefits – time together in the outdoors, in the kitchen and around the table. Learn more about the Journey of Creation (Vinegars, Pestos and Miso) as we prepare our products.

What better way to form community than by sharing food? Join us in supporting and celebrating food that is absolutely delicious and healthy for ourselves and the planet!

Amy Erez

Amy finds her food inspiration in the garden each season.  As a result, she created a variety of flavor-enhancing vinegars – Fig, Jalapeño Garlic Lime, Basil, Thai Chili and more! The unique Sun-dried Tomato Basil Pesto, Mint Pesto, and Balsamic Garlic plus our delightful Sippers (liqueuers) and Ice Creams are all Amy’s creations.

The healing plants Calendula and Sage grow happily in the garden giving us ingredients for food-quality Body Care products, too. Check out the Calendula & Sage Oil to keep your skin glowing!

Ofer Erez

Ofer’s earthy, calm nature is nurtured in the Sugi Garden as he spends many hours tending to the plant life that sustains us spiritually and physically throughout the year!

Ofer loves the slower, more meticulous styles of cooking.  Ofer’s incessant curiosity and enjoyment of experimenting brought us Sugi Garden Kitchen’s delectable, mouth-watering Dark Chocolate Fudges, the umami-filled Miso, and the multi-purpose Garlic Balsamic Vinegar.

Yo’el Erez

Yo’el is the consummate foodie. He loves to cook and eat the highest quality foods, all types of cuisines from all over the world! He is our go to man when we’re developing new products. His well developed palate helps us to refine the flavors, textures and overall quality of our foods.

Sushi classes with Yo’el and Amy have been a hit with our customers and are offered on occasion.

Yo’el is also is our back end guy – taking care of many of the technological needs of our sites. Look for Yo’el when he accompanies Amy at our booth at various events throughout the year!

We hope you enjoy the foods we prepare for you!

Ofer, Yo’el and Amy Erez

925.639.2839 or Amy@SugiGarden.com