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Amy and Ofer

Welcome to the Sugi Garden! We have been gardening organically since the 1980’s. Our dedication to living a healthy lifestyle is completely intertwined with our commitment to the environment. The two cannot be separated. We always enjoy the exploration of different ways to combine our love of gardening, cooking with fresh ingredients and our interest in food as healer.

Our business, currently Sugi Health was born as Health Etc. In the early years of Health Etc., we learned how important it was for people to understand how profound the healing effects of food are. At that time, there were few resources for demonstrating the value of organic, pure foods – no farmer’s markets to shop at and limited produce in the health food stores. So, we started gardening and cooking as many items as possible from scratch.

In our desire to eat healthier ourselves, we bought a wonderful macrobiotic cookbook, The Self-Healing Cookbook. Our enthusiasm went rampant as we tried every recipe.  When we found how fun and tasty the resulting meals were, we began to offer macrobiotic cooking classes to our holistic health clients. We would cook delicious macrobiotic meals using unusual ingredients, talk about the benefits and then, feast!

Further experimentation and the birth of our child brought our commitment to pure food to an even deeper place. With an ongoing attitude of curiosity, we found that many healthy foods that were considered tasteless, heavy or boring only needed to be prepared fresh to be absolutely delicious. And, we found, it was quite simple to do! This delightful experience led to Amy’s teaching of vegetarian cooking classes and the publication of her book in 1999:

        More Than Just Veggies – Healthful, Conscious Eating in the 21st Century

More Than Just Veggies is a book filled with simple, timeless vegetarian recipes that are valuable for the uninitiated beginner and the experienced cook looking for new ideas. Each page offers insightful commentary on  the state of the modern world and its relationship to food, personal health and the health of our planet.

As the years have passed, we have continued to have boundless enthusiasm for our garden. The garden is a place of solace, inspiration and beauty. As health professionals who work out of a home office, the garden is a sanctuary for our clients, as well as our family. Our desire to provide a sacred space for healing to everyone who steps out of life and into the Sugi Garden has kept us inspired to continually improve the garden.

A few years ago, we began incorporating plants in the garden that are used for flower essence therapy. Amy has always loved flowers of all sorts and this was a perfect way to increase the variety of flowers in the garden. We also intentionally provide food and shelter for wildlife here. Each plant has a purpose in the garden, just as we each have one as a member of life in the garden.

The Sugi Garden blog was started as a way for you to share our experiences and musings about the life lessons found in the garden, as well as beautiful photos, gardening tips, food-related specials and activities, recipes and tools for healthy living. Numerous times a year you can find Amy at local venues selling her artisanal, seasonal, small batch edibles inspired by the Sugi Garden! We look forward to meeting you in person at events and classes.

We hope you enjoy your excursions in the Sugi Garden with us.

Peace and Health,

Amy & Ofer

Pleasant Hill, CA

You can reach us at:

925.934.3120 or Amy@SugiGarden.com


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