Shifting Sands

Can you feel it? There are huge changes gathering in our world today. Like shifting sands that drift away from the edges of your feet as you walk. It starts out feeling like solid ground underneath. Then, sections of surface beneath you slowly wash away leaving an instability that wasn’t there before. More attention than usual is required to maintain balance. And even more awareness is necessary to step forward without falling.

Even though life is unpredictable (and isn’t it always?) we can continue to step out into the unknown with confidence. Giving up, surrendering to Mother Earth during this time of uncertainty and healing is called for more than ever. She is always there, shifting and changing with the seasons. We, too, can become supple like hair flying in the wind. Or the tide as it flows in and out.

Like a butterfly making its way out of the cocoon, we are being asked to trust in the future that is forming. The butterfly doesn’t have a conscious knowledge of what is to come. It simply moves into the next stage of life.

Trusting what is to come doesn’t mean being ignorant or powerless. It does require the ability to find the quiet place, deep inside where true knowledge is found in connection to the source of life. With the help of the Borage plant whose flowers so beautifully represent the feeling of flight, uplititng courage and joy. Let’s go there together and discover, create and move into this new world that is being born.

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