Freesia Heaven!

I feel like I’m living in Freesia Heaven this spring! The flowers have been blooming like crazy and there are more colors than usual as they cross-pollinate and volunteer all over the garden.


I often wish that smells could be transmitted through the internet. Here is one of those times. The yellow freesias in particular have an absolutely wonderful scent that infuses the room that they are in. Or, when walking by, there’s a whiff of something enticing, fresh and sweet in the air.

Many other flowers are helping to create our private heaven this spring – tulips, irises, snowdrops, narcissus, calendula, oxalis, rosemary, mustard, borage with more on the way….






The cacophony of spring is uplifting and hopeful. Creativity is definitely in an upward spiral. Sometimes spring feels chaotic and overwhelming, so keep breathing as these spirit messengers fill you up with possibility!

The freesias are literally bursting up even in the sidewalks!

The feeling of pure potential is released during these early months of spring, too. The challenge is discerning between the excitement of potential and the clear direction that is asking to be followed. Close your eyes and drink in the messages that potential offers.

Then, go a bit deeper into your true self to know which one is truly calling your name. Gradually, you will find the path that is leading to the manifestation of the potential that is awakening in you at this time.

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