Heartfelt Garden Blessings

In February each year, I begin to feel the opening of my heart when I’m in the garden. I look around and am deeply touched by the first signs of spring. The delicate blooms of the snowdrop, the pure green of the miner’s lettuce, the little leaves of the irises and daffodils peeking out from the soil, the cheerful blossom of the oxalis. Tiny buds become visible on the fruit trees telling of what is to come. The lovely voices of the songbirds is delicate and inviting. There seems to be a joyfulness in their songs that isn’t present in the same way at other times of year.

Oxalis flowers
Tulips sprouting
Miner’s Lettuce
Mini Yellow Daffodils







Yellow Calendula

One of my favorites at this time of year is the Calendula. An amazingly hearty herb that volunteers year after year, this little beauty sends my heart soaring! When I harvest the flowers for drying, I love the feel of their silky soft petals alongside the slight stickiness that is left on my fingers and the aroma that wafts up my nostrils. After drying, I make a delightful calendula oil that keeps my skin moist and happy. It’s anti-bacterial and immunostimulating properties have been used in oils,  lotions and salves for hundreds of years. Ask me about the Calendula Oils for purchase at the next Sugi Garden event (April 14 at Rodger’s Ranch in Pleasant Hill)!

Rain kissed Calendula

I’ll never forget the first winter we lived at this property. In late January or early February, my son, Yo’el (age 6) and I went outside to wander through the wondrous world of our new garden. As we looked around, over and under the freely growing plant life, Yo’el saw a snowdrop blossoming. I turned to see him in tears and couldn’t figure out what was wrong. He told me that the sight of the flower had touched him so deeply that he ended up in tears. It was a profound moment for both of us. To know that the sight of this delicate little flower could affect someone so deeply was inspiring!

Snowdrop duo
Snowdrops first sighting






Freesia Buds


Don’t forget the next flower that blooms in the garden, freesias. Freesias put out an incredible essence that tickles the nose and lifts the spirits. At this moment, I am anticipating their presence as I see the lovely little buds that are shooting up around the yard. Daffodils, tulips and other bulbs are soon to follow.

Purple Freesias


See if you can discover the place where your heart soars with the beauty and inspiration of these early blooming plants. Stop by and enjoy a few minutes in the Sugi Garden soon!

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