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How do you ring in the New Year? Are you running and jumping into the unknown possibilities of the future? Are last year’s challenges dragging you across the finish line into the next phase of life? Are you cautiously peering into the potential that a new year brings? Regardless of your mindset at this time of year, there is an opportunity to brush off the dust from last year and look forward with hope and imagination about what is coming.





Even in winter, the hidden gems of spring are apparent in the garden. The tiny buds sprouting on bare trees, mushrooms popping out of the cold ground, a bird’s song drifting through the air all bring a feeling of anticipation. When I wander through the winter garden, there is a softness and stillness present. Looking closely, I see indications that this sleepy time of quiet contemplation is planting seeds of inspiration for spring.

Stop, close your eyes, and listen deeply. Is it there? Can you feel it? It’s that tiny spark of light way down inside underneath the fear and uncertainty. Yes, that’s it – right there! Sit with it for a bit. It can be elusive, so take a deep breath, release the breath fully, let go a little. Now, look again. Listen for your essence, your hidden truths, who you truly are. Expand ….into the possibilities that exist. Open your eyes gently, remembering your Self that lies hidden inside and step into the New Year.

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