Garden Gratitude

Standing still in the garden, eyes closed, I feel the light tickle of the autumn sun on my face. crape myrtle carpet

The warmth of the sun’s gentle rays are caressing my chest. Suddenly, there is a breeze and I hear the leaves rustling, falling from the nearby trees. I feel the cool air gliding across my face.  The sun disappears behind a passing cloud and for an undefined moment. The wind feels chillier and I am filled with a feeling of potential, awaiting the unknown.


fall front leavesWhat will happen next? I can smell the scent of rain in the air around me. A gust of wind blows through completely eliminating the light of the sun as it brings a bank of clouds above me. I am in the dark. I can feel the fullness of the clouds and wonder will I soon be standing in a downpour? Then, a small pitter, patter as the raindrops begin to fall lightly. They are so gentle that I am as yet uncertain as to their actual presence. Was that another leaf falling or is it beginning to rain?


The drops slowly increase in size and speed, still falling gently. I continue to stand silently, trusting the raindrops to wash away my fears.  I go to a place inside myself that is safe and lovingly held by Mother Nature. As my trust deepens, there is a gradual decrease in the sensation of water falling on and around me. In time, I can begin to perceive a hint of sunshine glowing through the clouds.


Hope LS024I am filled with hope as another breeze urges the clouds to move to another place; to share the wealth of their rain with someone else. The sun bursts out and once again I am embraced by the sun’s rays.  The sunshine warms the top of my head, spilling over onto my shoulders and back.  I open up to receive these blessings of nature. I am contented and peaceful.

I open my eyes. Thank you Garden. I am grateful for all you give me.

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