Beauty Marvels in the Garden Every Season

The garden is such a charming place. As I walk around watering or just taking a look at what is growing I am continually amazed at the endless beauty of the garden. It is so different each season and yet, they are all fantastic! I couldn’t begin to say “This is my favorite season in the garden.” As the season unfolds, I find that I marvel anew at the beauty I find no matter which season it is!

The winter squashes are harvested and waiting to be enjoyed. We like to cut them off the vine and set them in the sun for a day or two to harden. Then into storage they go to await a delectable soup or roast veggie dish!

Winter Squash curing on a bench

A great recipe for Kabocha or Acorn Squash is to wash the outside of a large squash. Cut squash in half lengthwise. Scoop out the seeds (save these for planting next year!). Place the squash skin side down on a lightly oiled baking sheet. Drop a teaspoon of butter and a teaspoon of maple syrup into the opening. Bake at 375degrees for about 40 minutes or until the squash is soft when pierced with a fork. A perfect addition to Thanksgiving dinner!

Kabocha Squash

The broccoli we planted last spring is continuing to grow at an amazing rate. One of them is over 6 feet tall! The leaves are more than 12″ long. Strangely enough, we still don’t have heads on these plants. We can’t figure out why they aren’t producing flowers. I’ve watered them, fertilized them with manure tea, the weather is cooler now…..If you have any suggestions let me know. They are beautiful plants so we will just leave them be and see what happens next.

Foot long leaf

Our fall garden is popping with color. The light at this time of year is magnificent. The sunshine isn’t quite as bright and the colors stand out more readily from the background. From the pineapple sage blossoms to the lovely crape myrtle leaves,

Crape Myrtle carpet

the pyracantha berries and the hyssop flowers; the red chard is a deep, rich color after the cool evenings and the newly planted brassicas show a delightful variety of greens. Even the leaves on the geraniums are an interesting shade of purple and green from the cold!



One of the most beautiful plants we have at this time of year is the Persimmon tree. It’s at the back of the property so I have to go back there to admire it. It’s leaves display multi-colored contrasts showing off its beauty. You can see here how many shades of orange,  green and red are present in this glorious tree!

Glowing persimmon leaves

Golden persimmon leaves

Contrasting colors






Pyracantha berries



The pyracantha makes for a stunningly beautiful Thanksgiving arrangement for your table. Collect a few branches and arrange them artfully around a candle centerpiece or a collection of colorful pumpkins. Sprinkle colorful leaves randomly around and it will “Wow” your guests.

As you’re thinking about what to place on your Thanksgiving table, consider some of our freshly baked goods that are being offered through the Come and Get It feature of Sugi Garden. Here’s what’s available for ordering:

Midnight Moons

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Tahini Moons

Tahini Moons (Gluten-free cookies)……………………….$8/dozen

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Giant Chocolate Chip Cookie

Giant Chocolate Chip Cookies (1/2 lb.)………….$5 each






Silky Chocolate Pie


Silky Chocolate Pie…………………………………………………….$14 each Regular or Gluten-Free Vegan

(Sweetened with brown rice and barley malt syrups)


Chocolate Fudge…………………………………………….$4 / ½lb. ……$8/1 lb.

Chocolate Fudge with Walnuts…………………..$5 / ½lb…….$10/1 lb.

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Come and Get It – The Raccoons Did!

For the past few weeks we have been feeling like our garden is a smorgasboard for the raccoons! Every morning when we get up, there are numerous areas in the yard that have been poked through, dug up and disturbed. The seedlings that have accidentally been left in their watering tubs have been thoroughly destroyed by curious (and hungry!) animals.

Seedlings in watering tub

We haven’t caught them in the act, per se, but we have heard many squealing noises during the night. Only a few nights ago, Ofer saw some adolescent raccoons roughhousing in the dirt! So, on a daily basis we have been rescueing our neatly planted beds so that we have some tasty produce in a few months. Most of it is safe and growing happily!

Some of the beds we surrounded with old fencing to protect them and they are growing well, but it is hard to get in there to weed. Oh, well! The good news is that the season is full of crisp mornings and beautiful days. Our baby seedlings are growing strong and starting to look like they’ll make it.

volunteer zucchini

We’ve even gotten some volunteers popping up and the volunteer zucchini from the summer is still going strong.

Red Mustard

Young Calabrese Broccoli


The Red Mustard is a volunteer that we get each year and is a most beautiful and tasty plant. The Red Mustard has a little bit of spice in its flavor and  is enjoyable in soups, stews and vegetable broths.

Fall fruits have their own personality and I find that as the weather turns I begin to crave them. Persimmons, pears and apples, fresh from the garden, cut into a fruit salad and topped with cottage cheese or yogurt makes for a healthy, yummy breakfast in the fall!

Fuyu Persimmons

The colors in the garden are definitely shifting and the glorious fall colors are showing themselves. Yes, even in sunny California the colors are beautiful in the fall! You can plant your garden to reflect this quite easily. The crape myrtle trees seen here alongside a pyracantha bush


provides a lovely fall backdrop. Pineapple sage is a lovely way to add red in the fall garden and keep feeding those hummingbirds!

Pineapple Sage

We decided to let the basil flower this year in the hopes of collecting seeds for next spring. It is quite beautiful when blooming so it is a welcome addition to the fall garden.

flowering basil

We  are now offering “Come and Get It!” a weekly bulletin that will announce the produce and food-related items available for purchase. The bulletin will include valuable information about the crops currently ready from the garden and recipes for you to enjoy. We will happily include recipes that you would like to share with others. If you live in the Pleasant Hill, CA area and would like to enjoy our garden-fresh foods, you can sign up through the link on the sidebar to the right.