Cast of Characters

In the garden there is a large variety of characters that make up the world we live in. This post will introduce you to them and as we wander down the path of seasonal life in the garden, you will get to know them as we do.
First of all are the animals. Our animal friends are numerous. Some we see each day and some we don’t.  At night the yard is filled with animal activity. Skunks and raccoons we see on occasion. Oppossoms are definitely there, but quite shy. We have an abundance of birds that enjoy the sunflowers we plant each summer. The fountain in our side yard is quite attractive to all of them.

 The most recent wildlife is the fox who is regularly marking the area – probably   scoping out the chickens. The animals we enjoy as regular companions are our cats. All of them enjoy many adventures in the garden every day! There will be many a story to tell about their antics.


Lao Hu







Our chickens provide us with eggs on a daily basis. We love the soft cluck, cluck sound that wafts through the air. The louder and more assertive announcements when they are preparing to lay an egg are quite fun, too! One of my favorite stories is when I was outside doing Tai Chi on the patio, some years ago when we first had chickens, and I heard the cheerleading squawk of a chicken. When I went to look, there was one chicken strutting around the yard saying “Look at me! I’m about to lay an egg.”  While the others took up the call, yelling “You go, girl. You go!!” It was one of the most hilarious things I’d ever seen.





 We are getting ready to start a new section of the garden and spent the weekend moving the chicken fence. Here’s Ofer and Yo’el putting on the finishing touches. Thanks to Jon, Steve and Andrew for helping move the coop! A new coop is on the way for the chickens this fall!
The bees are also a constant companion in the garden. We got bee hives a couple of years ago when we noticed that there weren’t as many buzzing around the flowers. Our vegetable garden had not been producing very well so we decided it was time to bring back the bees. Ofer is the primary caretaker of these lovely guests in the garden. Each year we see more preying mantis, dragonflies, butterflies and ladybugs enjoying the bounty of the garden.

Last, but certainly not least, are the wonderful plants that fill our world with joy! Gorgeous, majestic trees surround us while the friendly herbs, delicious fruits and tasty vegetables keep company with the decorative flowers. The natives we have planted are  flourishing as the years go by.


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