An Invitation

In our little slice of paradise, the garden is the center of life. Each season brings an abundance of interesting activities. Choosing the way we want the garden to be laid out, collecting manure to fertilize the beds, discovering interesting new seeds to plant, finding fun and unusual volunteers that pop up unexpectedly, the harvest that inspires creativity in the kitchen and the animal life that joins us are all symbols for the richness of life. We are often struck by the value of stepping out into the garden to see what will be revealed.
This blog will take you on the journey of the discoveries we make in the garden as the seasons unfold. Creating delicious and fulfilling meals from the abundance of the garden, meals that become food for body, mind and soul. Fun recipes, colorful photos, and garden wisdom will be shared.
We would like to invite you to step outside with us and take in the wisdom that life in the garden brings. See you in the garden!